Slimline Trapper Pocket Knife
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Slimline Trapper
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Slimline Trapper Pocket Knife

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The Slimline Trapper only includes one clip blade, it's a thinner version of the Trapper. the slimline trapper are used for fleshing animals and skinning. a nylon case will be included.




Blades: Stainless Steel Clip

Full Length: ..……4.21”(107mm)

Blade Length: ……1.85”(47mm)

Handle Length: .…2.36”(60mm)

Blade Width: ………0.35”(9mm)

Blade Thickness: 0.05”(1.3mm)

Weight: ……………0.99oz(28g)



Slimline Trapper knife factory


EDC, collector, camping, outdoors, stockyard, hunting,survival purpose.


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If there are defects in materials or workmanship, we will replace them with a new knife in your next order.